At, we realize that sometimes our clients wish to pursue more direct and short-term lead generation campaigns via Facebook Advertising. However, Facebook Advertising entails many different forms of campaigns, as well as numerous possible demographic audiences, and finally several different forms of traffic (Cost per One Thousand Views, Cost Per Engagement, Cost Per Click, Cost Per View, etc.). offers a comprehensive Facebook Ads analysis and strategy creation process.  To do this research, and then create a proper strategy, however is a time intensive process. As such, charges by the hour to do an in-depth analysis.

Our Rates: Minimum of One Hour Required

1-3 hours: $350/hour
3-6 hours: $300/hour
6-10 hours: $275/hour


What does this research entail:

Research on up to 5 ad campaigns (Notice: the more ad campaigns that we research the more time is involved. Please take that into consideration when deciding how many hours you will need).

AD DEMOGRAPHIC RESEARCH: An in-depth analysis of which demographic audience best suites your campaigns end goal includes

  1.   GEO-Targetting: We will isolate the best geo-targetted ares to target your ad to
  2.   Age: We will analise which age demographics are most likely to respond favorably to your ad
  3.   Financials: We will narrow down the financials of your targeted audience by either net worth, yearly income, or both.
  4.   Job Titles: We will further narrow down your targeted audience by the job title that they hold if it is prevalent to the success of your ad
  5.   Interests: We will further narrow down your audience based on many factors relating to their interest in your niche. For instance, are their well known players in your niche that they may have liked on facebook, are they apart of groups related to your niche, have they been active in sub-niches related to you or niches that go hand-in-hand with what you are offering?
  6.   Spending habits: We can further narrow down your audience based on how much they spend, how many credit cards they posses, do they often make purchases online (impulse buyers), do they have any luxury cards, etc.


Strategy for Ad Campaign:

After we have established your ideal audience demographics, we will then proceed to create a strategy on how to target them with your ads, this will entail the following.

Which kind of ad best suites your campaign goal:

  • Ghost Post
  • Video Views
  • Offer Claim
  • Direct Click To Site



When creating the ad strategy, a critically important part of it will come down to the budget and how it should be spent. Facebook offers many different type of ads. We will go through each type and figure out which ad type costs what, and then break that down even further to decide which action would best be suited to the ad.

Facebook Paid Ad Types:

CPC: This stands for cost per click. This means that you will get charged every time someone clicks on your ad, or a link in your post.

CPM: This stand for Cost Per One-Thousand Views. This means you will be charged every time your ad has been seen 1,000 times. This does not however guarantee that anyone will like, comment, or share your post. It also does not guarantee that anyone will click on your link/ad. This simply means that it will be shown 1,000 times.

CPE: This Stands for Cost Per Engagement. This means that you will only be charges when someone actually likes, comments, or shares your post.

CPV: Cost per view. This type of Ad is exclusively for videos. This means that you will be charged when someone actually clicks to watch your video for set amount of time. Once they reach that time point in the video, you get charged for a view.

After reviewing the different Ad types, we will isolate the best ad for your campaigns end goal, and will begin the process of isolating costs. Facebook runs ads based on bids. However, if you don’t know what you are doing, they will set the bid automatically for you. Often times this is much higher than you need to actually spend. Well analyze the bid suggestions for you, and then create an MAPB (Max Amount Per Bid) for your campaign. This will give you a good idea of what you should actually be spending for your ads.