Here at, we realize that sometimes our clients already know what keywords they want to pursue, however, sometimes before you start a SEO campaign, you want to know exactly what your competition is doing, and what it will take to beat them. Also, quite often our clients want to know if there is a possibility of going after other keywords. To do this research however is a time intensive process. As such charges by the hour to an in-depth analysis.

Our Rates:

1-3 hours: $700/hour
3-6 hours: $650/hour
6-10 hours: $600/hour


What does this research entail:

A list of you top 5 competitors Websites

1. An in-depth analysis of their on-page SEO and ranking factors

  1.   – Do they have Schema markup? If so what is it.
  2.   – Do they have Header tags, and if so, how many do they have, what do they say, etc.
  3.   – What is their Keyword density in the content of their page
  4.   – What is their Title Tag
  5.   – What is their Meta Description
  6.   – How are they interlinking pages on their site?
  7.   – An overall health analysis of the site in the eyes of the search engines

2. An in-depth account of their backlink profiles

3. Which of their backlinks are sending the most power and why

4. What is their social signal count

5. Other off-page ranking factors